A sponsorship thank you letter is a formal letter which is written by a person or company to thank another person or company for agreeing to be a sponsor for a certain cause, event or occasion.  These letters must be able to express proper gratitude and a sample of one such sponsorship thank you letter has been given below.

Sample Sponsorship Thank You Letter:


Fred Darwin

Managing director

Darwin Media Company

D-45, second floor, Timothy tower, London

Date: 20th March 2014

Subject: sponsorship thank you letter

Dear Sir,

I, Henry Adams am writing this letter to you on behalf of Radcliff International to express our gratitude to you for agreeing to be our media partners for our upcoming product launch event. We feel extreme honored to have you on board for the event and would make sure that the experience is great not only for us but also for you.

The upcoming product launch event will be seeing the launch of 2 new tablets and 1 Smartphone and thus it needed the right media support and sponsorship. We could think of no one but your company to be our sponsors for the event and are glad that you feel the same about the venture.  As mentioned earlier, the event is to be held on 1st May 2014 from 11 am onwards and would go on for 3 consecutive days. To discuss further details about your role in this event, we shall be contacting you soon to fix a meeting.

Thanking you once again

Yours sincerely

Henry Adams

PR Manager

Radcliff International