A post internship thank you letter is a letter written by a person to thank his/her trainer or company for an internship opportunity. These letters are written post the internship and are meant to express gratitude in a formal yet polite manner.  A sample of a post internship thank you letter is given below.

Sample Post Internship Thank You Letter:


Henry Brooks

Vice President

Jackson International Company


Date: 5th May 2014

Subject: Post internship thank you letter

Respected Sir,

I, William Black am writing this letter to you to thank you for giving me the golden chance to be an intern at your prestigious multinational company. Sir, I have just completed my 6 month internship in the marketing department and have gained skills and knowledge than I expected and for this, I am filled with gratitude and respect towards this great organization.

Working for Jackson International Company has been my dream ever since my graduation days and working under the extremely talented, skilled and experienced executives was an enriching experience for me. There was no better way to kick start my career in marketing and this particular experience will help me throughout my years in this industry.  I wish to inform you that I have just bagged a marketing job at Hannah Corporation, thanks to this internship and to you for your exceptional mentorship and guidance.

I hope to work for this top organization again in the future once I gather some more experience.

Thanking you again

William Black