Nursing Interview Thank You Letter

By | June 26, 2014

A nursing interview thank you letter is written by a candidate who had appeared by a nursing interview and is written to the interviewer as a gesture of gratitude.  These letters must be able to thank the recipient formally and reiterate on the reasons why the sender is suitable for the nursing position.

Sample Nursing Interview Thank You Letter:


Greg Smith

Senior HR Manager

Jackson Nursing Home

East London

Date: 10th May 2014

Subject: nursing interview thank you letter

Respected Mr. Smith

I, Jenna Gilbert am writing this letter to thank you for giving me a chance to appear for a job interview at your prestigious nursing home.  I had given the job interview for the position of an ICU nurse on 8th May 2014 and am filled with gratitude that you took out your precious time for it.

Working at Jackson Nursing Home is a dream for almost everyone who belongs to the field of nursing. Therefore, doing my duties here as an ICU nurse would be a great opportunity for me to showcase my exceptional nursing skills, my extensive experience and my educational qualifications.  I am a registered nurse with 5 years of experience in Nursing and during this period, I have worked as an ICU nurse at Jacob Nursing House for 1 year. If hired, I will do my best to live up to the reputation of this medical facility and will not give you any opportunity to be disappointed by your decision. Will look forward to your positive reply.

Thanking you once again,

Yours sincerely

Jenna Gilbert.