A medical assistant thank you letter is a type of a letter which is used by candidates to thank their interviewer for conducting an interview for the position of a medical assistant. The letter must truly express gratitude and should be used to throw more light on why the sender should be hired for the post.

Sample Medical Assistant Thank You Letter:


Rebecca Martin

Senior HR Manager

London Medical Hospital


Date: 4th May 2014

Subject: thanking you for medical assistant interview

Dear Miss Martin,

I, Sarah Parker am writing this letter to you to thank you from the bottom of my heart for setting aside time to meet me and interview me for the position of a medical assistant at London Medical Hospital. I have dreamt of being part of this great medical facility since my educative years and getting an opportunity for an interview was a moment of pride for me.

During the interview, you mentioned that you need someone who can set aside atleast 70 hours a week for service and I would like to reiterate that I am willing to do so gladly.  During my medical internship at Birmingham Medical center, I have gained enough experience of working for long hours with the same amount of passion and energy and am thus ready for the challenges of this position.  I believe that my passion for helping the patients and my good educational history make me a suitable candidate for this post.

Hope you will contact me soon with a positive response

Thanking you once again

Sarah Parker