A job promotion thank you letter is one that is written by an employee to thank his boss or HR for the promotion that he has received. The letter must be framed using thanking words. A sample of job promotion thank you letter is given below for reference.

Sample Job Promotion Thank You Letter:


Mr. Edwin Jacob,

Marketing Manager,
Tenstle Foods

#2, Argon Street,

Date – 8th June 2014

Sub – Job promotion thank you letter

Dear Sir,

It gives me immense pleasure to write this note to thank you for my recent promotion to the position of Senior Marketing Executive. This is the opportunity that I was waiting to achieve since the time I joined Tenstle Foods. I have been working sincerely and strenuously towards this goal and very glad to have achieved it today.

I am highly grateful for the fact, that you found me worthy for this position and went extra mile to recommend me for this promotion and followed-up on it. I value this trust that you have shown for me and assure you that I will work extra hard to maintain it.  More over you were the one who helped to me find the difference between sales and marketing and made me aware how important a client is for an organization.

I thank you once again for all your valuable inputs and trust you have shown in my capabilities. I will work to the best of my abilities and in a result oriented manner and towards the growth of the organization.

Thank you once again for all your guidance and help.


Jerry Roger

Senior Marketing Executive

Tenstle Foods