Donor Thank You Letter

By | June 30, 2014

A donor thank you letter is a letter which a person or an organization writes in order to convey thank you and express gratitude to a donor for their monetary or any other help. These letters must convey the importance of the donation received by the donor.

Sample Donor Thank You Letter:


Leslie Lewis

Vice President

Henry International Business Company

W-45, first floor, Parkson enclave, London

Date: 10th May 2014

Subject: donor thank you letter

Dear Mr. Lewis

I, Lawrence Anthony from AllShine Charitable Trust, am writing this letter to you to thank you profusely for making such a generous donation to our social cause.  Our social fundraising event was a big success, thanks to the donation that you and other donators made. By making this donation, you have contributed to the future of many blind children.

We have been associated with the cause of blind upliftment for the last 10 years and in this decade; we have conducted several fund raising events to collect money that goes straight for the betterment of blind students.  The donation made by you will be used to provide better studying facilities, amenities and advanced medical equipment for care and assistant of the blind children of London.  We can assure you that none of the funds raised are wasted or used for any purpose other than this social cause.

If you wish to make more donation or know someone who is willing to donate, you can contact us at the below given number.

Thanking you

Lawrence Anthony

AllShine Charitable Trust