Termination Letter for Student

By | June 22, 2013

A termination letter is sent to a student in case they carry inappropriate behavior over a longer period of time on the premises of an education institution. Usually there are several warning letters sent to the student so that they will have time to make changes in their behavior. If this does not happen, they will receive a termination letter that should clearly mention the cause of termination.

Sample Termination Letter for Student:

Name of receiver

Address of receiver


Dear (name of receiver),

This letter is sent to you as notification of your termination from (name of education institution) as a result of your inappropriate behavior on the premises of the institution. We received several complaints regarding your behavior from your co-students and your teachers and this kind of behavior is not tolerated by the institution. It is not acceptable for you to bother your co-students who wish to learn and to improve their skills. Besides this, you show no interest in your studies which is supposed to me your main focus at the moment.

Until this point you have received three warnings which gave you time to make the necessary changes, but no change has been notices whatsoever. We know that this termination will have a negative impact on your future career, but at this point you leave us with no other alternative. As a result, we ask you to accept this letter and leave the premises of the institution as soon as possible.


Name of sender

Position of sender

Name of education institution