It may seem difficult to write a tenancy termination letter if you don’t know about the clauses and the law. When writing the letter you should use a concerned and polite voice but make sure that you use a formal tone. Make sure that you write clearly about the dues and notice period and maybe also about your reasons for termination. The letter should include:

Sample Tenancy Termination Letter:

Name of sender

Address of sender

Name of receiver

Address of receiver


Dear (name of receiver),

I am writing this letter to inform you about the termination of tenancy contract on (date) which will not be renewed. This represents the end of the (number of years) tenancy agreement that we had. This letter is written according to the three weeks’ notice to vacate the premises as included in our contract.

My son is returning from Chicago and I need the flat for him to use. There might be need to make some changes before he arrives and that will take some time. I already found a contractor who will start working on the premises starting with (date).

I would like to ask you to make the payments until (date). I know that it is difficult to find a new place in only one month, but I just found out about the plans that my son as and sadly there is absolutely nothing for me to do about it. However, I could give you the contacts of some of my friends who rent their houses and I can also offer you reference.

I am sorry about the inconvenience caused.

Kind regards,

Name of sender