A service termination letter is usually written by an individual or a company that is the customer or client of another company. The main purpose of the letter is to let the service provider know that their services are no longer required and that the contract will be terminated on the date mentioned in the letter. It is best to keep the letter short and concise and you have the possibility to mention or not the reasons of the termination.

Sample Service Termination Letter:

Name of sender

Company name of sender

Address of sender


Name of receiver

Company name of receiver

Address of receiver

Dear (name of receiver),

I am writing you this letter to notify your company (company name) of the termination of the services of (company name of receiver) at the end of the month, on (date).

According to the contract that the companies signed, your services to (company name of sender) will be terminated on the (date) with a 3 weeks’ notice to be served to the two parties of the contract. As a result, (company name of sender) fulfills its obligations mentioned in the contract’s terms and conditions section.

The decision of our company is final and there is no need for any further negotiations. All dues shall be cleared until the above mentioned date in case all the conditions are met.

Thank you for the services that your company offered to our company until this point and we wish you all the best for the future projects that you are going to engage in.


Name of sender

Position of sender

Company name of sender