Landlord Lease Termination Letter

By | June 30, 2014

A landlord lease termination letter is a notice sent by a landlord to the tenant in order to terminate the lease.  The reason for termination is specified by the landlord in this letter. A landlord lease termination letter sample is given below for a better idea.

Sample of Landlord Lease Termination Letter:


The Adman North,
#8,XYZ Apartment, London

3rd June 2014

Sub : Termination of lease

Dear Adam,

This letter is with reference to our telephonic conversation that we had on 31st May 2014, where I explained you clearly that I wish to terminate the lease agreement that we had entered as on 5th August 2013.

The reason for terminating my lease before the maturity of contract is that I have observed a lot of damage to the property on my last visit. Besides even the maintenance of my flat is not being paid on time. I am a person of principles and have never made any late payments to the building society for maintenance charges. But due to your irregular payments I am getting calls from the society and it causes a lot of embarrassment for the same. Even after repeated requests you have not mend your ways and continue to delay payments apart from taking no care for the belongings in the flat.

I request you to vacate the premises on 15th of June 2014 without fail. I will settle the deposit amount after reducing the charges towards damages and maintenance from it. Hope you will hand over the flat keys to me within this date and settle this matter amicably.


Adam North