One of the most difficult things that an HR manager or an employer has to do is to let their employees go. It is possible that the performance of the employee wasn’t of the highest standards or the company is downsizing. Either way, the termination must be handled with compassion, sensitivity, and professionalism. An employee termination letter should include:

Sample Employee Termination Letter:

Name of receiver

Address of receiver

Dear (name of receiver),

This letter is sent to you to confirm the discussions that we had today regarding the termination of your employment at (company name), effective immediately.

Since you have been employed at (company name) for over two years you will receive two weeks’ salary which will be paid to you in the moment when you sign the Release of Claims document.

The accrued vacation time that you have will be paid at your hourly rate and you will receive it along with your next paycheck at the end of next month. You can pick the check up at the business office or we could mail it to your home. We will also mail to you your status of benefits after the termination of employment.

We have to ask you to return the keys of the building and the company pager. Please update your contact information with the HR department so that the company will be able to send you the documents once we have them ready.

Please let the company know if we can help you in any way in the transition period.


Name of sender

Position of sender

Company name