Apartment Lease Termination Letter

By | June 25, 2014

An apartment lease termination letter is a formally drafted letter which is used by one of the parties involved in an apartment lease to inform the other about its termination.  Generally, it is the lessor who writes this letter to inform the lessee that the lease has terminated so that he/she can vacate the apartment.

Sample Apartment Lease Termination Letter:


Rachel Weiss

D-45, first floor, Moors tower

Jackson Street, London

Date: 23rd May 2014

Subject: apartment lease termination letter

Dear Miss Weiss

I, William Smith, the LANDLORD, am writing this letter to you to inform you that the apartment lease agreement that we entered into has terminated as per the original terms of the agreement. You, the LESSEE had entered into this apartment lease agreement with me on 23rd May 2013 for an effective period of 1 year, which has ended today.  Thus, I request you to vacate the apartment located at D-45, first floor, Moors Tower within 15 days.

I would like to inform you that I have not yet received the last monthly rental from you and am expecting it within 3 days. If you happen to delay making the payment, you will be charged an extra fee of $100. To avoid this or any other legal intervention, please make the payment and vacate the premises at the earliest.  Since I have not received any request for lease extension, I am assuming that you have searched for another place for yourself and will comply by the terms of the original agreement.

Feel free to call me for any other help or information,

Thanking you,

William Smith