As the name reveals, a teacher recommendation letter for college is written by the teacher for his student in order to certify the skills and the qualification of the student for admission in a college. The letter compiles the strengths of the student and why the student will be a valuable addition to the new university.

Sample Teacher Recommendation Letter for College:


Ms. Kathy Brown,

Admissions officer,

XYZ University,


Subject: Letter of recommendation for Beth Kelly.

Dear Ma’am,

I am writing this letter to propose the name of Beth Kelly for admission to the undergraduate program at your university. I have known Beth for the past 4 years as her class teacher and supervisor. Beth is one of the most hard working and consistent student in the class.

Be it the academics or the co-curricular activities, Beth has always made it a point to be a part of most of the school competitions. She is exceptionally good at sports and has won several racing competitions in the past years. As far as I have observed, Beth loves facing new challenges and makes her way through every hurdle that she faces.

Beth has held the position of class monitor and was also the coordinator of her sports team which reveals her leadership skills. Beth will be an excellent addition to any university or institute. If you have any questions about Beth, please feel free to contact me at 55-893-134 or mail me at


Kiara Roselina


ABC Senior secondary school.