A medical solicitation letter is a letter written by a medical organization requesting a person or a company to either make a contribution in terms of money or material help for a medical mission, cause or event. The letter must clearly give the purpose of the medical mission and should be written formally. A sample of a letter of this kind is given below for reference.

Sample Medical Solicitation Letter:


Fred Dawson

Managing Director of Sales

Darwin group of companies

Andrews lane 5-4th block, 5th building

St. Louis, Prune

London, United Kingdom

Date: 8th MAY 2014

Subject: medical solicitation letter

Dear Sir,

London Healthcare center is the leading medical center of London and is an organization which offers free accidental treatment to all those who suffer from accidents in East London district.  We are organizing a medical camp to raise funds for this cause and hope that you will contribute to it as a member of the society.

You have helped us in many of our programs in the last few years and we hope that you will be able to contribute funds again to help us treat victims of road accidents. The camp that we are organizing will have a small presentation followed by lunch. Whoever is interested in making a contribution can visit us at the camp and donate money. We request you to go through the enclosed brochure so that you can understand more details about our initiative.

Looking forward to a positive response

Thanking you

Jack Mathews