Mr. Kenny Roger

Craft Ideas and Communications

Silver Owe Street, 876

Miami, Florida


Date: 15-10-2013

Sub: Scholarship Solicitation Letter

Dear Mr. Roger,

Greetings from Diamond Support Foundation!

I, Tiyasa Tarren, on behalf of our NGO named Diamond Support Foundation, attempt to offer educational support to the young and bright students, who belong to the unprivileged families, within the age group of 16 to 20. We usually raise funds for this type of noble cause with the help of the charitable support and sponsorship from the benevolent donors of our community.

In view of the above, we have organized a Scholarship Solicitation Program in our NGO on 23rd November from 6 PM onwards. Diamond Support Foundation has been working from 2nd May 1999 and since then, we have been able to help huge number of students to fulfill their academic dreams in the Florida itself. In last academic session, we have been able to offer financial support to 65 deserving students who all are registered with us. Our scholarships towards the students cover the academic fees, hostel fees and financing the higher educational scholarship. On 23rd November 2013, all our respected donors and sponsors will be attending the program where we will be providing the scholarships to the students who had applied for the same.

With reference of your recommendation letter for scholarship requirement dated 17th September 2013, your refereed candidate Miss. Rebecca Houston has been selected by our NGO for the required scholarship. I would request you to attend the program with the candidate so that we can hand over the documents to her on that day.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

Tiyasa Tarren

VP- Communication

Diamond Support Foundation