Technology Sales Cover Letter

By | December 12, 2014

Any individual when applying for any type of a job position in the sales segment of the technology industry writes a cover letter to communicate with the recruiters and it is known as the technology sales cover letter. A sample is given here from the point of view of a technology sales project manager applicant.

Sample Technology Sales Cover Letter:


Mr. Liam Grant

Tiles Enterprises Ltd.

New York City, USA.


5th August 2014

Subject: Cover for sales project manager position

Dear Sir

My name is Jason Brown and I am writing this letter to cover my job application. I have applied for the job position of the sales project manager in the new project undertaken by your organisation.

I have gone through the information material about the project given on the company website and realised that it is the epitome of the pathways that have led to best developments in the technology industry. I believe my work experience and my education qualifications along with my training make be the most suitable individual for this position. In addition to the qualifications I possess a set of skills which will help me perform in this position. I am an extremely good communicator, have good leadership qualities, management skills, am a people person and perform well in a team setting.

To make it convenient for the officials to reach a decision regarding my suitability I have enclosed all of the relevant documents with the letter. Please keep me informed about my prospects in the firm.


Mr. Jason Brown