Mr. John Galecki,

Manager – Sales,

Mind Grow Book Publishing Private Limited,

78432, South Hill Drive,

Los Angeles,



Date – 20th February 2014

Sub – selling incentive sales letter

Dear Mr. Galecki,

This is to inform you that it has been a pleasure doing business with your company since last year. We have been working together in good faith and with the growing market of books for Mind Grow Book Publishing Private Limited; we hope that we will get more opportunities to work in the future as well.

We, at Regal Paper Mills, are especially proud of the fact that you use the paper from our mills in all your books and now with our extensive research, we have launched a new kind of paper which is not produced from trees but the waste produced from sugar cane. With this new technology, we can not only safeguard trees, but also, ensure that good quality and affordable paper can be meted out to customers.

Regal Paper Mills is happy to inform you that since we have been in a professional for a long time, we have decided to offer you a discount of 20% on a bulk order you place within a week.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thanking You

Christina Ricci,


Regal Paper Mills,

Los Angeles,