Sales Marketing Letter

By | January 3, 2014


Selina Sweet

Feline Studios

Sussex, England

31st May 2013

Subject: Improve your business, make the interiors more appealing.

Dear Ma’am,

We are writing on behalf of Gordon Interiors to introduce you about our services and exciting new product range that is most suitable for your business and would make the interiors of your landmark studio all the more attractive and a perfect fit for the esteemed sound and song recording hub that it is. We at Gordon Interiors are fans of good music and would love to contribute to the music scene in any way that we are capable of. However, we are not cut out for being musicians and therefore we would like to use our expertise, interior design, products and services, to make our contribution to the wonderful world of music.

We have the absolute right products and services that will make sound recording not just appealing but it will also minimise all issues with background noise and other interruptions. Our engineers can perfectly sound proof the rooms in the studios while our designers can set up the studio such that it oozes and stimulates creativity and inspire artists. We are looking forward to a chance to prove ourselves and hope for a positive response from you.

Yours Sincerely,

O’Hara Gordon

Gordon Interiors