Bruce West

West Enterprises

Essex, England

31st May 2013

Subject:  Letter of introduction for purpose of a sales contract.

Dear Sir,

We are writing to you on behalf of Grayson Industries for the purpose of initiating a business relationship between Grayson Industries and your esteemed organisation, West Enterprises. It is well known that West Enterprises are the biggest producers of Body Armour in not just England but in the whole of the United Kingdom. We are also aware that you use the best materials in the production process and would not settle for anything but the best. We are also well aware about your keen eye for innovation and adapting to the times.

Thus, keeping these records in mind, we approach you with the hope that we can have you as a regular customer for our product, namely carbon fibres made of carbon nanotubes. These have recently been developed in Cambridge University and have been shown to be effective and improved materials for body armours. To add to the innovation, this makes the armour light too. We have the required licences and certificates and would expect a positive response from you. We are hoping for a long and mutually beneficial seller and purchaser relationship.

Yours Sincerely,

Harvey Grayson

CEO, Grayson Industries