Ivy Green

Department of Botany

University of Hemlock

Hampshire, England

31st May 2013

Subject: Appointment of Sales contract.

Dear Ma’am,

We are writing to you from Shrubbery Nurseries. This communication is in response to the advertisement that appeared on the daily newspaper last Wednesday and further on the local television channel. We have a suitably impressive variety of plants and trees and other related botanical elements that will be of use to you. You are welcome to verify these claims in any way as you please, either by word of mouth or by physically sending a qualified team from your university to make a physical verification of the various species of plants available at Shrubbery Nurseries.

We would be happy to support the team and satisfy their verification process in any way to give them the required confidence in Shrubbery Nurseries and that to assure them that Shrubbery Nurseries will be able to supply the requirement of various species of plants, trees and herbs.

As we are aware, further supported by the advertisement, that the University of Hemlock is reputed worldwide for its research in the world of poisonous and venomous plants and trees, by which it hopes to achieve and discover effective anti-toxins and medicines that will help mankind in general and the medical world in particular. In this regard, we have been particularly interested in having a business relationship with an entity like you that would be able to provide us with an appropriate and ethical avenue for supplying the various species and types of plants, herbs and trees. We are happy to announce that we at Shrubbery Nurseries are capable of meeting your demands for the same. We would like to make an appointment for making sales and to eventually become the official partners of the University of Hemlock.

Yours Sincerely

Barbara Bat

Shrubbery Nurseries