Mr. Martin Short

Short Entertainment Private Limited,

78432, Cold Mountain Drive,

Los Angeles,



Date – 20th February 2014,

Sub – invitation letter for sale

Dear Mr. Short,

We take this opportunity to invite you and your staff to the annual sale organised by our company, Regal Jewels Private Limited. We are also happy to have been associated with your company for so many years.

Yours being an entertainment company, we have had tie ups in the past as well, and we continue to be associated with Short Entertainment Private Limited in the future as well. In the annual sale that we are organising, we are showcasing our latest line of bridal jewellery. We hope to deliver according to the tastes and the expectations of the customers/visitors and of course, patrons like Short Entertainment Private Limited.

Additionally, anyone who buys jewellery worth $500 will be entitled to a discount of 20%. This sale will be organised for two days, the 24th and the 25th of February 2014 and we hope that you and your employees will grace the occasion with your presence.

We, however, have one request for you. Since this invitation is intended to be attended by only a chosen few, we hope that you can carry a copy of this letter along.

Thanking You

Margaret Brown,

Regal Jewels Private Limited,

677432, Highgrove Street,

Los Angeles,