Team Leader Resume Cover Letter

By | December 10, 2014

The application for the team leader position in any industry and in any department is accompanied by a cover letter written by the applicant. All such cover letters are referred to as the team leader resume cover letter. With the help of this cover letter the applicant tries to improve the possibility of his/ her getting the said job.

Sample Team Leader Resume Cover Letter:


Mr. Dylan Farrow

Operations Head, Marketing Department

Glow & Row Co. Ltd.

Bronx County, Northern Michigan

United States of America.

15th April 2014

Subject:Marketing team leader job application cover letter.

Respected Mr. Farrow

I, Gina Spores, am writing this letter as a cover to the application for the marketing team leader position. As published in the news bulletin the position has become vacant and individuals meeting the stated requirements are requested to apply for the same.

After going through the stated requirements I believe that my educational qualifications and prior experience deem me suitable for the position. Besides being qualified for the position I also possess the required skills- organisational, management and planning. I am well versed with all computer software/ programs that facilitate work in the marketing industry. I also have good network building, research and analytical skills. I assure you that I will always perform to the best of my abilities and fulfil all the obligations assigned to the position.

I hope that once my application has been processed, you will agree to my suitability for the position and grant me the privilege to work here.

With Regards

Ms. Gina Spores