Registered Nurse Resume Cover Letter

By | December 10, 2014

When a registered nurse i.e. a state certified nurse applies for a nursing position at a hospital or any other medical organisation he/ she writes a cover letter along with the job application. This cover letter is referred to as a registered nurse resume cover letter, a sample is provided for reference purposes.

Sample Registered Nurse Resume Cover Letter:


Mrs. Jemma Lawrence

Head Nurse

Princeton Brass Medical Hospital

Princeton Brass, New Jersey

United States of America.

14th June 2014

Subject: A job application for the position of the registered nurse- cover letter.

Dear Mrs. Lawrence

My name is Katherine Cuddy and I am writing this letter to apply for the senior nursing job position that has come vacant at the hospital as of 10th June 2014.

I am a registered nurse, certified by the national medical board. I have completed all of my educational and training requirements by accredited institutions. Certificate and other document copies are enclosed herein. I am sharp and quick with all the medical equipment that I may be required to handle at the position. I have great managerial, organisational and planning skills which I believe will help me manage the junior nurse staff. I am also a good communicator and believe that we need to deal with all the patients with utmost patience, humbleness and politeness.

I request you to please consider my application for the position and inform me as soon as a decision regarding the position is made. Hoping to hear from you soon


Ms. Katherine Cuddy