Nursing Student Resume Cover Letter

By | December 10, 2014

A nursing student resume cover letter is a letter which is written by a nursing student in order to apply for a post in a hospital or any other medical organisation. The jobs that nursing student generally apply for are internships or trainee positions. Given below is a sample of a nursing student resume cover letter:

Sample Nursing Student Resume Cover Letter:


Mr. Jack Hamper

Head, Human Resources and Administrative Department

Plainsboro Hospital & Cancer Research Institute

Plainsboro County, New Jersey

United States of America.

2nd April 2014

Subject: A letter as cover to the internship program position application.

Dear Mr. Hamper

My name is Martha Kaminski and I am currently a second year nursing student at the Plainsboro medical institution. I have completed 1st year of my education and have attained good score.

The second year program requires us to undergo an internship for a period of 6 months and I would like to apply to the nursing internship program at the Plainsboro Hospital. The internship program is one of the best in the country and I would like to be a part of the program. I have high concentration and dedication levels, am a keen observer and learner and also possess excellent interpersonal skills. This internship will be an opportunity for me to step into the practical world of medical science and I assure you I will not let anyone down if given the opportunity.

I hope I will soon be informed about the appointment prospect.

With Regards

Ms. Martha Kaminski

2nd Year Student, Plainsboro.