Nursing Resume Cover Letter

By | November 18, 2014

A nursing resume cover letter is the letter written by an individual applying for a job in the nursing industry. The letter is an extension to the resume and the job application, through which the applicant communicates with the respective recruiting medical organisation or institution.

Sample Nursing Resume Cover Letter:


Mr. Seth Adams

Senior Operating Surgeon, Diagnostic medicine

Bulls & Mark Hospitals Ltd.

San Diego County, California

United States of America.

10th September 2014

Subject: Cover letter for the work position of a nurse at the organisation.

Respected Doc. Seth Adams

It is an honour to be writing to you. This letter is in reference to the nursing job position vacant in your department at the Bulls & Mark Hospital in San Diego County.

I have completed my education which meets the requirement for the senior nursing position at the department. And I have also gone through the mandatory training from a state accredited medical institution in Chicago before beginning practice. I am dedicated and sincere in the work as a nurse, and I believe that every life is equally important. Hence I give my 100% to every case I am assigned to and will do all that is needed of me at the position of the senior nurse.

Enclosed with this letter are copies of my experience letters, resume and recommendations, all of which I hope will help you reach a positive decision regarding my employment prospects for the stated position. Hoping to hear from you,

With Regards

Mrs. Bella Carr