Job Application Resume Cover Letter

By | December 9, 2014

A job application resume cover letter is a letter which is written by a candidate in order to apply for a particular job position in a company. These types of letters are sent along with resume and must mention the skills, qualifications and experience of the candidate. A sample of letter is given below for reference.

Sample Job Application Resume Cover Letter:


Mrs. Miranda Pollen

Senior Operations Executive, Marketing

Barry Brow Enterprises Pvt Ltd.

Bell- boa Lake City, California

United States of America.

30thJanuary 2014

Subject:Cover letter for the position of the marketing manager job position.

Mrs. Miranda Pollen

My name is Liam James and I am writing this letter as an extension to my application for the marketing manager job position.

As specified in the application I have completed education up to master’s level and have prior work experience in the field. I would like to become a part of this esteemed organisation and work here as a marketing manager. I believe marketing requires one to be on their toes, always innovative, quick thinker and also possess good communication skills. Having worked in the sector for so many years I have been able to ace these skills and gather ample knowledge about the art of marketing.

I hope that after scrutinising my application, you will believe in my suitability for the position and grant me the opportunity to serve this organisation. I shall be looking forward to your positive response.

Thanking you

Mr. Liam James

Contact No.: 87876755

Email Address: