IT Resume Cover Letter

By | December 9, 2014

An individual applying for a position in an IT industry/ organisation will make use of an IT resume cover letter. The letter goes in with the individual’s job application, as a cover explaining the individual’s stance of why he/ she should be given the job. A sample for the position of the IT project manager position is given below.

Sample Business Resume Cover Letter:


Mr. Henry Parkinson

Chief Executive Officer

Brighton Information Technology Services Ltd.

Low Maddison Square

Upper Manhattan, New York

United States of America.

16th February 2014

Subject: Cover letter for application for the position of the IT project manager.

Respected Mr. Parkinson

Sir, my name is Ms. Kelly Rasheed and I am alum of the California Tech University. After working in the industry for almost 5 years I have finally gotten the opportunity to apply for a position at your organisation.

You have been an inspiration to the entire student population at the university post your exemplary performance as a student there. I am no exception to this rule and am highly inspired by your discipline, excellence standards and level of dedication. If given the opportunity I will follow all these standards with every fiber of my existence and will work for the benefit of the organisation.  I am a quick learner, keen observer and have great analytical abilities. I also believe in perseverance and achievement of goals through persistence and hard work.

I believe in my suitability for this position and hope that you will too. Awaiting a response,

Thanks and Regards

Ms. Kelly Rasheed