Construction Resume Cover Letter

By | November 18, 2014

A construction resume cover letter is the letter written by those applying for a position related to the construction sector. The applicant files a job application consisting of resume, relevant documents and a cover letter. This letter helps the applicant extend any message that may increase the scope of his/ her employment. Below given is a letter for reference.

Sample Construction Resume Cover Letter:


Mr. Adam Thomas

Senior Operations Manager

Brian & Cary Construction Services Pvt Ltd.

54th Jackson Hallow Street

Rushford County, California

United States of America.

5th September 2014

Subject: Cover letter for the site manager job position.

Mr. Adam Thomas

My name is Jemma Constance and I am writing this letter to you to apply for the position of the site manager at your organisation.

It has been notified that the site manager job position for the West Virginia charity hospital construction site being managed by the organisation is vacant. I would like to apply for the position and assure that if given the opportunity will prove to be an asset for the organisation. I am a keen observer, have an eye for detail, am a perfectionist and believe in hard work above all. I also possess the required knowledge about the equipment, material and all the aspects of a huge construction site having managed a few in the past.

I hope that my application will be considered in whole and my suitability for the position will lead me to land the position. Awaiting a response

With Regards

Mrs. Jemma Constance