Administrative Assistant Resume Cover Letter

By | December 9, 2014

An administrative assistant resume cover letter is the letter which is written when applying for the administrative assistant position in a business organisation. The cover letter is prepared in accordance to the official letter format and specifies details in excess of those provided in the resume and other documents. This is shown in the sample below.

Sample Administrative Assistant Resume Cover Letter:


Mrs. Melanie Giannopoulos

Head, Administrative Department

Garret & Gar Services Pvt Ltd

Chicago, USA.

16th August 2014

Subject: Cover for the administrative assistant job position.

Dear Mrs. Melanie Giannopoulos

My name is Rita Barack and I am writing this letter in reference to the vacancy at the job position of the administrative assistant at the Garret & Gar Services Pvt Ltd. As a part of my application I have enclosed with this letter all the relevant documents.

In addition to the educational qualifications and experience I possess in the administrative business, I would like to inform you that I am a dedicated individual who will be honoured to be a part of this organisation. Working as an administrative assistant I will give my 100% and fulfil all job duties and responsibilities that come with the stated position. I am well versed with all the computer programs/ software and I also possess the knowledge of all internet related services required to perform at this administrative position.

I urge you to kindly process my application and keep me updated about the appointment status for the administrative assistant job position.

Thanking you

Ms. Rita Barack