Teacher Resignation Letter

By | June 22, 2013

In the moment a teacher decides to give up their old job, they are supposed to write a professional resignation letter as a form of respect for the institution that they have been working at. There can be a lot of reasons for which a teacher decided to resign. It is best to mention these reasons along with other information that might be important for the employer. A resignation letter should include:

Sample Teacher Resignation Letter:


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Dear Superintendent,

I am writing this letter to let the school know that I have to leave my position. Sadly, I have been having health related issues and I feel like it is in best interest to focus on my health for the moment and to give up my position as a (subject) teacher.

Teaching at this school has been a joyful, memorable, and rewarding experience. I gave my students 100% of my knowledge and I watched them as they excelled in education.

While teaching I learned a lot about my personality. Now I realize that the best decision that I have ever made is to become a (subject) teacher and I made an even better decision when I accepted to teach at this school.

Sadly I have to give my resignation letter and I have to add respectfully that I appreciate the chance of teaching at this school. Hopefully the new teacher who will take my place will have just as much passion and knowledge for teaching as I did.

Best regards

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