Sales Resignation Letter

By | June 22, 2013

The people who are working on the sales department of a company may have to write a sales resignation letter. There are a lot of different reasons for which people might have to give up their job. Writing a professional resignation letter is important because it shows respect towards the company and this is why it should be professional and concise.

Sample Sales Resignation Letter:

Name of sender

Address of sender

Phone number of sender

Email address of sender


Name of receiver

Position of receiver


Address of company

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing this letter to resign with my job of (position name) from (company name) effective from (date).

On this occasion I would like to thank the company and my colleagues for the motivation and support I received from them. The last (number of years) that I have spent with this company helped me learn and grow from a professional point of view which will help me with my future professional development.

Although I am sorry for having to leave (company name), I am looking forward to working at (company name) as the (position name). I am sure that I will succeed with the help of the skills that I acquired while working at (company name).

According to the company policy, I will be working for another month, time in which I will finish my outstanding projects and I will facilitate the transition of my replacement. Please let me know if there is anything else that I could help you with, let me know.


Name of sender