Ms. Pamela Hunter

Managing Director

Jerome&Jerome Pvt Ltd.

471 Main Street,

Philadelphia, PA

Date: 15th February 2014

Subject: Thanking the Company for accepting the resignation and opportunities given

Dear Ms. Hunter,

Let me take this opportunity for thanking you for accepting my resignation dated 1st February 2014, from the position of Manager- Content Development. It is my last day at work today and I wanted to thank you for my memorable and enriching tenure here, under your guidance.

It is not easy to find a boss as approachable and knowledgeable as you have been. Not only have you always been patient with us, you have also always directed us with expertise and poise. When I say “resigned with regret” believe it to be true, as I was extremely apprehensive of my resignation being accepted on such short notice.

After the enjoyable and eventful time I have spent in this organization it is with mixed emotions that I must bid adieu to all of you. I wish the company and everyone around (especially you) success in all your future endeavours. It should not come across as a surprise to the HR department, if they receive calls for references and recommendation. I am sure your team will handle that professionally.

Once again, let me thank you for the speedy approval of resignation and for all the opportunities.

All the best!

Thanking You

Victor Bane

Manager- Content Development

Jerome&Jerome Pvt Ltd.