Patricia Hogan

Manager & Head- SD

FirstIn Technologies,

421 N, 35th Street,

Suite 230

Phoenix, AZ

Date: 10th February 2014

Subject: Resignation Letter from the position of Sr. Software Engineer

Dear Patricia,

Please accept this as my formal resignation from the position of Sr. Software Engineer from the organization, to be effective from two weeks from today. My last working day will be 24th of February 2014.

I have had a fulfilling and enriching experience working here, and believe that my stay at “FirstIn Technologies” has moulded me in several ways. I have not only learnt the nitty-gritty’s of software development, and programming languages such as Java, C and C++, PHP and HTML, but have also been fortunate enough to be guided by the most wonderful and knowledgeable managers.

I shall be here for another two weeks, and am willing to help in any possible way with the transition or even assist to recruit and/or train my replacement. In case a replacement is not available immediately, please consider my recommendations (CVs of 2 candidates attached) who I feel will be able to fit into the shoes my position requires.

It is with great difficulty that I have to leave the organization, but hope my replacement will be able to serve the organization as it deserves.

Thanks for all the opportunities.

Best regards

Daniel Xaviers

Sr. Software Engineer

FirstIn Technologies,