Resignation Letter for Cashier

By | April 18, 2014


Hillary Dawson

Prime Shoppers

Manager- Customer Support & Management

Aravaipa Road S

Highway 77

Winkelman, AZ

Subject: Resignation from the position of Jr. Cashier

Date: 17th February 2014

Dear Ms. Dawson,

This is to notify you that I would like to resign from my position as Jr. Cashier with “Prime Shoppers.” I am aware of the one month notice period, and as such would expect a release on 16th March 2014. I hope that the time is sufficient for you to find a suitable replacement, so that my fellow colleagues and cashiers are not inconvenienced by my absence. I am willing to help in the handover process in any way, and train my replacement accordingly.

I have been able to learn a lot in my position as a cashier here, and believe that it has been a good learning experience here. I am however moving to New York City, with a better opportunity at a retail store. On that note, I would also request for a letter of recommendation from you for my new position.

I wish everyone here success and a bright future ahead. Other than the official transition please let me know if there is any other service expected of me.

Thanks a lot for the wonderful time I have had here.

Best Regards

Samuel Jacobs

Jr. Cashier