Employee Resignation Letter

By | June 22, 2013

The main purpose of the employee resignation letter is to let the employer know in advance the plans of their employee of leaving the company. Since this is a formal letter, it is best to use a professional and formal tone. In the same time keep the letter short but include all important information regarding your situation.

Sample Employee Resignation Letter:

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Dear (name of employer),

I am writing this letter to resign with my job of (position name) at (company name). My last day will be on (date of the last day).

The reason for which I have decided to resign from my job is that I have been offered another job that comes with supervisory responsibilities that I have accepted. This new position will make it possible for me to work with international clients. As you may know, one of my personal goals is to be working globally with customers.

I will miss my job since it has offered me a lot of opportunities of development and of contribution to the company. Your support and coaching played an important role in my professional development and I thank you for that. I will miss my colleagues and the customers as well, but I shall never forget the nice memories that they offered.

I wish you all the best for the future. Please let me know if I can help you in any way to make the transfer of my work to the new employee easier.


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