Transcript Request Letter

By | April 23, 2014


Ms. Margaret Thatcher

Los Angeles Community College,

89321, Morning Glory Avenue,

Los Angeles,



Date – 19th February 2014

Sub – transcript request letter

Dear Ms. Thatcher,

This is to inform you that I need a full transcript from the Los Angeles Community College and please consider this a transcript request letter. I am also aware that an amount of $350 needs to be paid to the Los Angeles Community College and to that effect please find a money order of the said amount enclosed with this letter.

I am a graduate of the Los Angeles Community College, in Psychology (batch of 2012) and I need the transcripts of a job interview I have at the John Hopkins Primary School. Please be informed that my Social Security Number is 672-45-1278 and my student identification number at the Los Angeles Community College was LA7832198CC. This information would help you locate my files easily.

I am looking forward to a speedy delivery of the transcripts as I have to attend the job interview next week, with the transcripts. Please find my address at the end of the letter, where you can mail the transcripts readily.

Thanking You

Miley Cyrus

78343, South Ridge Drive,

Los Angeles,