When an employee feels that he or she is deserved to get a higher position in the company, then it is necessary to write a formal promotion request letter to the manager. In this letter one has to state clearly how he or she has been an asset to the company in the current position and assure the company about his or he attuned skills for the desired position. The employee can request for a meeting regarding this with the concerned people in the letter. Given below is a sample Promotion request letter.

Sample Promotion Request Letter To Manager:


Bill Hayden

Managing Director

ABC Associates

New York

NY 10235

Date: 8th October 2014

Subject: Promotion Request letter

Dear Mr. Hayden,

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that it has been a really enriching experience to work in this esteemed organization and be a part of your team. It is been a fruitful journey throughout and I have learned immensely from each of my assignments and from my team mates.

At this point I would like to request you to promote me to a higher position where I can use my experience and skills gainfully for the company.

As you know I have been associated with the software networking solutions for the past three years and also have completed a prestigious project on the same in record time.  So I would like to request you to promote me to the position of Project Manager of networking solutions, which will be highly beneficial for the company’s interests as well.

I have enclosed my detailed resume and documents of all the projects handled along with this. I would like to discuss my request with you at your earliest convenience. You can reach me at phone 555 663 4667 or email Mathew.jobs@email.com.

Thank you for your time taken to review my request.



Mathew Jobs

Assistant Manager IT

ABC Associates

New York