Payment Request Letter

By | April 24, 2014


Mrs. Josephine Adams


St. John’s Primary School,

98431, Dream Walk Avenue,

Los Angeles,



Date – 18th February 2014

Sub – payment request letter

Dear Mrs. Adams,

Please consider this a payment request letter for the $239 that is outstanding on your January 2014 bill. In the month of January 2014 you made stationery purchases on behalf of your school, from us amounting to $239. This letter is to request you to pay this outstanding amount at the earliest.

For your convenience, we have attached a photocopy of January 2014 invoice. In case you want to opt for a partial payment of this outstanding amount, please be informed that we have a policy of charging an interest of 5% on any amount that has been outstanding for over thirty days.

In the case that you have already made the payment, kindly ignore this payment request letter. We shall look into our records and send across a payment receipt letter to you, at the earliest. We, at Junior Stationery Private Limited, look forward to your continuing co-operation and patronage, and hope that we can do more business in the future.

Thanking You

Rebecca Miller,


Junior Stationery Private Limited,

Los Angeles,