Laura Marsh

Processing Department Head

Provide Fund Office

43 Rick Norris Road

North London, UK 4321

Dated: 5th of October 2013

Subject: Request for provident fund information

Respected Miss. Marsh,

This letter is in regards to my provident fund account with the account number NL 567 765. I would request to provide me information regarding the total amount accumulated in my provident fund account.

I used to work for South Europe Banking Services where I have worked for tenure of three years. The amount deducted every month for provident fund was twenty pounds. I am currently working with Asian Financial Services since last one year. I have merged my current provident fund account with the old account and this is the reason for not withdrawing accumulated amount from my old provident fund account. My current monthly contribution towards the provident fund account is twenty five pounds. I believe that certain interest amount has been added on to the total amount. I would like to know the current amount along with the interest. I would also like to know whether it would be possible for me to withdraw from my provident fund account.

I am enclosing my salary certificate as evidence.


John Woo