Amy Jackson

Manager of Operations

High Tech Limited

43 Universal High Street

North Dakota, South Carolina 4590

Dated: 3rd of July 2013

Subject: Request for a Holiday

Respected Miss. Jackson,

I would like to introduce myself as John Nash, working in the position of a customer service executive in the operations department. I would like to request for a holiday of five days beginning from 10th of July 2013 till 14th of July 2013.

I have not taken any leave in last one year and I have all my 21 leaves due. This year I had promised my children and wife that I would take them out for a trip in the Hawaiian Islands during their summer vacation. I have not gone on a vacation with them since last one year and thus it is necessary that I spend some quality time with them. I have no pending work and have completed all the responsibilities assigned to me. I have always been a dedicated employee and give hundred percent to my job. During my holidays my colleagues will look after any important issue that may arise.

I request you to grant me this holiday so that I can spend time with my family.


John Nash

Customer Service Executive

High Tech Limited