Feedback Request Letter

By | April 24, 2014


Mrs. Jill Sanders

86432, White Oleander Circle,

Los Angeles,



Date – 18th February 2014

Sub – feedback request letter

Dear Mrs. Sanders,

Let me begin this letter by saying how honoured and fortunate we are to have you as our customer. We, at the Fresh Farm Supermarket, strive to provide impeccable customer service and deals for our customers. And most of these are possible because of the active involvement of the customers and their feedback.

Please consider this as a feedback request letter as we want to increase our customer service skills and provide better and outstanding customer service to customers like you. You must be aware that in the light of suggestions and inputs provided by our loyal customers, we had changed our range of dairy products available at the supermarket back in 2010, and the success with that move has been phenomenal.

Since the new financial year is only months away, we are looking forward to incorporating new products and services, based on your inputs and feedback, of course. I hope that you will co-operate and provide pointers that will help you serve better.

Happy shopping at Fresh Farm Supermarket!

Thanking You

Julie Owens,

Manager- Customer Relations,

Fresh Farm Supermarket,

Los Angeles,