Day Off Request Letter

By | December 24, 2013


Tim Burton

Manager of Operations

Aspen Group of Companies

54 Roger Moore Street

California City, Texas 4532

Dated: 7th of July 2013

Subject: Letter to request for a day off

Respected Mr. Burton,

I, Jack Banes working in the position of a customer service executive would like to make a request for an off day on 8th of July 2013. There are some personal reasons for which I need to take this off day.

My wife has not been keeping well since last two weeks. She has been suffering from terrible fever and body weakness. The doctor had prescribed her medicine but her health is showing no signs of improvement even after taking the medicines. So, the doctor asked her to undergo complete checkup and blood test. I am the only family member she has and there is no one else to take her for the checkup. She is physically very weak, so she would not be able to go alone. It is necessary that I am there by her side and ensure all the checkups are done. This is the reason for requesting for a off day.

I hope you will accept my request and grant me a off day.


Jack Banes

Customer Service Executive

Aspen group of Companies