Real Estate Reference Letter

By | April 28, 2014


Ms. Rebecca Doe

Sympoium Gear

4356 S Oracle Road


Date: 07th February 2014

Subject: Reference Letter for Real Estate Agent Drew Jacobs

Dear Ma’am,

My organization and I have had the immense pleasure of being in a professional relationship with Real estate Agent, Mr. Drew Jacobs. We had hired Mr. Jacobs to negotiate a lease agreement for a period of fifteen months. Not only did he execute the entire lease agreement efficiently, but when it was up for renewal, he showed great dexterity and awareness.

In a similar capacity, when the organization was looking for a new location for another set-up, Mr. Jacobs was successful in finding us a suitable place within the firm’s budget. He even went ahead and negotiated on our behalf, bring down the agreement price by 15%, along with a separate car parking area for the firms’ directors and partners, and a canteen for the employees. Moreover, Mr. Jacobs’ is one of the rare agents who actually took time off to sit and understand the exact requirements of the clients, so that while showing properties he did not have to waste the clients’ time.

It is for such reasons that I and my firm would recommend his services highly. His distinguishing quality is that he knows the London real estate market in and out, and through our relationship we gathered that he is one of the most esteemed and dependable agents in town.  An extremely fierce and loyal agent, Mr. Jacobs is intensely aware of his responsibilities and takes accountability for his deed. As such, I would greatly recommend him for his services.


James Hawk

Scott Parker & Associates

222 South Kensington

London SW