The Matron

St.Loise Hospital,

Austin, Texas

Date: 19th January 2014

Subject: Reference letter for Ms. Natalie Swan for the position of Sr. Nurse

Dear Sister Nancy

I am writing this letter as a request for reference from Ms. Natalie Swan for the position of a registered Sr.Nurse at your esteemed hospital. Natalie worked under me for a period of eight years rising through the ranks and holding the position of Sr.Nurse- Women and Childcare, before she left the hospital.

Natalie has several merits that will add to the hospitals existing reputation. She is a skilled nursed, is consistent in her performance, is enthusiastic, efficient and responsible and in general cares for others. She had distinguished herself for providing safe and hygienic nursing to all our patients and has only three incidents reported against her in her eight year tenure. She has moreover always managed to maintain a professional relationship with all her colleagues and has a spic and span attendance record, having won rewards in two years for her attendance.

If her contribution in her last job can be considered as evidence, then I am sure that she will outshine herself at St.Loise given the opportunity she will find there that was absent here.

As per our records, her Nursing Registered number is – NR546747-8765-4345-06

If you have any queries or want more information, please contact me without reluctance.


Stella Dawson

Matron- The Erstwhile Hospital

760 Lilac Street, H-700

Pulmonary, PA