University of Liverpool


Date: 09th February 2014

Subject: Reference Letter for Ms. Elizabeth Mary Stephens for the Weston Scholarship Financial Aid

Dear Sir,

It has been fifteen years since I have known Elizabeth, and I have never met a student who has learnt to rise above her station only through hard work, dedication and merit and a keen sense of learning. Being the eldest of three children, Elizabeth often had to compromise on many things so that her family never felt the prick of rising financial costs. Yet she never let that hindrance come in the way of her dreams.

She has constantly been a good and meritorious student having topped her classes all throughout, and there is perhaps no one in the school who has not seen Elizabeth in the library, often even on weekends. But this should not position her only as a studious person. Elizabeth was a member of the drama and debate committee, and even participated in the school choir.  I recollect a particular time, when her family was going through severe financial difficulties, and to make ends meet, Elizabeth started tutoring other students. She is otherwise such a prized asset that it is a shame that her financial condition would even become a barrier to her education.

I have been aware of her goals and challenges and hence feel that her achievements are enough for the university to consider her for the Weston Scholarship financial aid. She will not only prove herself worthy but will soon bring pride to the university.

I wish her all the best and recommend her whole heartedly!


Benjamin Watson


Cathedral Missionary School