Employee Reference Letter

By | April 26, 2014


Tom Black

BlueDale Limited

536 Main Street, Philadelphia

Date: 16th February 2014

Subject: Letter of recommendation for Samantha Strathon for the position of HR Manager-East

Dear Mr. Black,

I apologize for replying late, but it was only yesterday that I rejoined work from my leave. I have received your email asking for a recommendation for one of our previous employees’- Ms. Samantha Strathon. Ms. Strathon had served the organization for only two years, and was an asset to the department. That alone is proof enough that I hold her in great esteem, and valued her contribution to the team greatly.

She was working as a Manager for the Human Resources department, and was handing recruitment and training of employees. In her two year tenure, she has recruited more than thousand employees globally and organized over seventy training and development programs.

She distinguished herself by being proactive perpetually and wanting to contribute towards employee development. During her tenure she excelled at SAP-HR, is a brilliant negotiator and excels at inter-personal skills. Her team reports submitted for management review was always well-researched and to the point and we had very little difficulty in following her.

Her greatest contribution however has been in the field of recruitment for our Middle East and Northern Africa region. So if you have plans of expanding to these regions then I congratulate you on your choice as she will prove to be a valuable asset.

I understand that her resignation from our organization is on personal grounds, and as such I wish her all the best for her future and recommend her totally.


Michael J. Ferdinand

Director- HR

Saphire Technologies

Gower Street, London