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Newell Park

Capital Towers

South Boston

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10th May 2013

Sub:  Reference for Educational Assistant

Respected Sir,

My name is Letty Mindfield, and I look after Operations division in Lincoln Education Trust, Alabama. It’s my pleasure to recommend Amanda Seyore as a best suited candidate for the post of an Educational Assistant in your organization. She has been in my company for nearly three years and has served my organization in the best possible way. Her hard work caught mine and my fellow manager’s eye in the beginning of her tenure in this company, and since then she has not disappointed us.

Her responsibilities in this company included assisting Education Councillors, maintaining the student’s database, communicating with other departments. She has been a diligent co-worker and an excellent team player. Her eye for detail has made my systems and operations smoother and her management skills have helped us in many difficult to handle situations. Her understanding of academia is something that is hard to find and her attention to detail makes every work she undertake a new standard for others to follow.

I sincerely request you to consider her application and give her the job of an Educational Assistance in your company.

Yours truthfully

Letty Mindfield

Operations Executive

Lincoln Education Trust