Thomas March

Sr. Recruitment Manager

House of Designs Inc

853 Pine Road

Middletown, NY

Date: 10th February 2014

Sub: Character reference letter

Dear Mr. March,

I consider it my privilege to provide a personal character reference for Ms. Pamela Jackson. I have known Ms. Jackson for a period of over ten years- the first four as a competitor with a rival concern and then, as an immediate junior. In all my acquaintances with her, Ms. Jackson has always demonstrated commitment to her work, immense inter-personal and problem solving abilities and morale at work.

I was extremely enthusiastic about hiring Ms. Jackson. Her skills and professionalism had earned her a reputation and when she considered joining our organization, “Mindseeker All,” we knew that we were having the best. From the onset she was constantly ahead of her peers- she was never a slow learner, always curious and eager to do things differently, confident, organized, efficient and within a period of eight months the organization decided to promote her to the position of a Lead. She has always been able to impress all of us with her abilities.

She is proactive, hard working and a team player. I recollect a particular incident, when one of her team mates had bereavement in his family, and as the team lead, she had convinced her entire team of twelve, to put in one hour extra each day, to compensate for a fellow colleague and friend. I found that to speak immensely of her charter.

I truly believe that Ms. Jacksons’ loss will be great for our organization, but she has steadily improvised and built herself, and has outgrown herself for our organization.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you need anything else.

Thanking you and sincerely

Martha Hopkins

Sr. Project’s Director

Mindseeker All

Sunnyvale, California