A tenant recommendation letter is a formal letter which a person writes to recommend and refer a tenant for a tenancy to a landlord or lessor.  The letter must state the reason for the recommendation and must talk about his/her positive qualities. A sample of a tenant recommendation letter is given below for reference.

Sample Tenant Recommendation Letter:


David Johannsson


A-45, first floor, Potter Tower

Williamson Street, London, United Kingdom

Date: 1st September 2014

Subject: tenant recommendation letter

Respected Mr. David,

I, Joshua Bath am writing this letter to you in order to recommend my previous tenant Mr. Kell Peters as your tenant for the property address E-567, Reading Road, Bicester Village, London.

I have known Mr. Peters for the last 5 years as my tenant and consider him to be extremely reliable, punctual with rental payments and highly disciplined as far as usage of the property is concerned.  He had to vacate the apartment due to changing of the job location otherwise I would have never let go off a tenant like him. I totally recommend you to lease your apartment to him and can give my personal assurance regarding the same.

Besides being a good tenant, he is a friendly man with a good sense of humor and respect for people living around him. You will never have to worry about loud music or illegal activities if you choose him as the tenant.

Hope you will consider this recommendation. For any other information feel free to contact me on 798797979.

Thanking you

Joshua Bath