Teacher Recommendation letter

By | April 29, 2014


Mrs. Thora Birch


Glendale Primary School,

67431, Morning Glory Circle,



Date – 15th February 2014

Sub – teacher recommendation letter

Dear Mrs. Birch,

Please find this letter as a recommendation for Ms. Jennifer Ehle, who has been working as a primary teacher in our school, Young Minds International School for the past two years. I write this recommendation letter for her since she has to move to Boston after her marriage as her husband works there.

She has been an asset for the school and ever since she joined she has been a favourite with the children. She is extremely well mannered and balanced and inspires students to do what they like, instead of pressuring them. As a teacher, her teaching methodologies will help students understand the lessons better.

She is a patient and a communicative teacher and from her sincerity towards her job it can easily be gathered that she loves children. She has a teacher’s training diploma and was a psychology major in college with a specialisation in child psychology, which helps her to understand the psyche of her students. I hope your school too, will benefit from employing her.

I wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

Thanking You,

Nora Robinson,


Young Minds International School,

78432, Morning Hill Drive,

Los Angeles,